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Friday, 12 August 2011

Chris Ridgers - rude and arrogant or just a little bit out of touch

A couple of weeks ago the second Cornish National Minority Report was published. This well researched and excellently written report clearly demonstrates the strength of the claim, by Cornish people, to be given recognition and to become eligible for the rights and benefits that accrue to their true status.

In fact, the report was commissioned by Cornwall Council under the the leadership of Alec Robertson's Conservative Party. On publication the report (signed by the leaders of all parties and groups in Truro) has been sent to Westminster to confirm officially that the Unitary Authority demands recognition for Cornish people.

Straight forward enough? You would think that, perhaps, Cornish politicians of all hues are behind the claim of the Cornish to be recognised.

It would appear not!

An e-petition has been started regarding the recognition of the Cornish as a national minority. If the petition collects 100,000 signatures accross the UK then it will force a debate by MPs on the subject. You might think that Cornish politicians - who have rushed to bask in the media spotlight focussed on the report - might be supportive of such a petition. After all it can only help the cause if it is debated by MPs.

In order to let as many people know that the petition exists, a group of Cornish bloggers and Tweeters have been brodcasting the details. Surely the same Cornish politicians that were previously basking in the glow of the second report would be supportive of a petition with the same aims - but it would appear not.

For example Chris Ridgers, a Conservative member of the Unitary Cabinet believes that the petition is no more than internet spam and his dismissal of attempts to publicise the petition is rather rude and somewhat arrogant - but then he is a Tory I suppose.

The thing is, is this Cabinet member out of touch with his leader - who has proudly signed the second report before putting it in the post to Westminster? Perhaps Cllr Ridger doesn't know what his leader (and the council as a whole) is up to - or maybe he just doesn't agree. It wouldn't be the first time Mr Ridger has appeared to not know what is going on in his own back yard. At a recent full council meeting it emerged that, somewhat embarrassingly, he was less than fully up to speed with meetings that council officials were having to discuss the possibility of a tourist tax.

The really worrying thing though, is that maybe Cllr Ridger really is fully up to speed on this issue. Perhaps Tory support for recognition of the Cornish people is just a sham. A sham designed to get votes because they know that their friends in Westminster will never give the report the credence that it deserves. Just like the six Cornish MPs 'at the heart of government' are ignored when they demand that a Devonwall seat not be an option, so the Tories at Lys Kernow know that they can pretend to care about Cornwall and the Cornish, and chase votes on the back of this. At the same time they are safe in the knowledge that their real values will never be compromised by Mr Cameron in London.


  1. Not for the first time you are seemingly confused. There is a world of difference between supporting a worthwhile campaign and having it circulated as spam.

    Try re-reading my twitter which you have posted above.

    Your donation to the NSPCC or any charity of your choice will be better than an apology.

    Chris Ridgers

  2. Thank you for reading my blog Chris.

    I note your arrogant rudeness once more. If anyone is confused I would suggest that it is quite often you.

    Your apparent distinct lack of knowledge, as a Cabinet Member, as to what Cornwall Council officers are up to has been publicly revealed to one and all on several occasions.

    With regard to spam - perhaps some of the things Cornwall Council cabinet PR department could be described as little more than just that?

    No need for an apology from you - it wouldn't amount to much anyway!


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