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Thursday, 4 October 2012

MK Coference 2012

The Mebyon Kernow conference will be held on Saturday 24th November. This year the venue will be New County Hall and we hope to have something for all of our members and for the general public as well!

The morning session will be for members only and will focus on the launch of our manifesto for the 2013 Cornwall Council elections.

In the afternoon we will be presenting exactly why Mebyon Kernow is the only political party that puts Cornwall first and how we do this on the ground.

The story we have to tell will be interesting, dynamic and full of humour - but it will make the very serious point that Cornwall deserves a better deal from Westminster and that MK has the ideas and energy to achieve this.

Although I can't reveal the full 2013 manifesto at this time, I am sure that the need to provide Cornwall with a much more democratic form of government will feature very highly. It is time that decisons about Cornwall were taken in Cornwall and by more than just 10 councillors in a bunker at New County hall or by people 300 miles away in Westminster!

If you are unhappy with the democratic deficit in Cornwall then please join us, become a candidate and help us to fight for a better Cornish future.

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