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Sunday, 2 December 2012

The 'Core Strategy' goes to Cornwall Council's full council

I get to talk to a lot of people - both in my capacity as a Councillor and in my shop. 

I have yet to find anyone that truly believes that all the housing development that is happening in Cornwall is a good thing. So why is it that only Mebyon Kernow has a bespoke policy for Cornwall’s housing needs? 

We believe in building houses only where there is a demonstrable local need. We call for Cornwall’s development policy to be centred on providing jobs for the people who already live here rather than encouraging more people to buy second ‘homes’. 

No matter what your local Tory, Lib Dem, Labour or UKIP candidate tells you, all of the London parties share the guilt of tarmacking over our countryside. 

Even the so called Independents have much to answer for. The person responsible for a policy of building at least 50,000 houses on Cornish land over the next twenty years, Mark Kaczmarek, is a leading member of the Independent Group. Cllr Kaczmarek insists this is necessary or else London will impose its own targets. I say Cllr Kaczmarek is doing a good job of ruining Cornwall all by himself – who needs Westminster telling us what we need? 

We deserve politicians who put Cornwall first and are prepared to fight for our green fields.
Mebyon Kernow was the only party to care enough to write a paper calling for a lower new-build housing target during the consultation period for the twenty year plan. None of the local Westminster parties could be bothered. 

When you vote in May remember which party is putting Cornwall first and would act to put policies that are good for Cornwall in place.

Below is a message from the Trelawney Alliance: 

Stop the Mass Destruction of Cornwall
On 11th December Cornwall Council will decide on its housing target for the next 20 years. Councillors will be asked to support a motion to build 49,000 houses out of which only 20% will be affordable. We feel that 49,000 is much too high a figure, it is unnecessary, unsustainable and to support inward migration.
However, Councillors will also have the chance to vote on a lower number of 38,000 and as these are the only two options we obviously want our councillors to vote for 38,000,although Trelawney Alliance still think that this number is still far too high. 
1. Create an email to your local Cornwall Councillor
2. Write a short message, see suggestion below
3. Send that email and repeat the process with other councillors in your area.
Suggestion for email
Dear Councillor.................... On December 11th Cornwall Council will be voting on its housing targets for the next 20 years. I object to the proposed 49,000 and respectfully ask you to support the lower option of 38,000.
Yours Sincerely

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