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Friday, 29 October 2010

Parish Plan

On Wednesday I attended a community meeting which approved the draft Parish Plan. The people of Illogan in partnership with the Parish Council have set out how they want their community to progress over the coming years.

The chairman, Cllr David Ekinsmyth, made a very good point. He intends that our parish plan should be the basis of Cornwall Cpouncil's planning for the parish. This is the way we need to look at things. We need to take control over our own affairs in Cornwall and let Cornwall Council and, through them, the Westminster parliament know that the people of Cornwall are the best suited, qulified and placed to direct Cornish affairs.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Keep Cornwall Whole

Along with approximately 500 hundred others, I attended the Keep Cornwall Whole rally at Saltash on October 10th. The rally was hugely successful in achieving its aim of bringing people, from all walks of Cornish life, together in a common purpose - to send a strong message of solidarity to the Westminster government.

The mood of the rally reflected the growing recognition across Cornwall that Cornwall is not only a unique part of Great Britain, with its own distinctive culture, language and geography, but that it deserves the right to have those exceptional qualities recognised and protected. The speakers came from all sections of Cornish society. There were even two government MPs there. One MP had tabled an amendment to the government’s bill while the other promised to vote against the government if it became necessary.

While some people, who want to play down the solidarity and depth of feeling of all of those at the rally, bicker about whether there were less than 500 people there and attempt to portray the Keep Cornwall Whole campaign as a waste of time, Mebyon Kernow is in the vanguard of those who want to see a modern and democratic Cornwall take its rightful place as a fully paid up member of Britain and Europe.

The Party for Cornwall is proud to be associated with the Keep Cornwall Whole campaign and is working tirelessly in support of it. Mebyon Kernow calls on all of those people in Cornwall who believe that we need recognition for Cornwall. It is essential to start looking to the future to help us to stop this backward looking, stifling and encroaching philosophy that the Westminster way is the only way forward. We need to build on the growing momentum and appetite for promoting what is best for Cornwall – echoed so definitively by the Keep Cornwall Whole campaign - and to connect with the mounting belief that it is not too late to make a difference. Act now! Sign the Mebyon Kernow petition to say no to Devonwall seats and don’t be afraid to add your voice to those who want to take all the people of Cornwall into a confident and vibrant future which is anchored in the tradition and culture of two thousand years.