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Friday 24 June 2011


This year Mebyon Kernow - The Party for Cornwall - is sixty years old.

Our annual conference will be held in November in Bodmin, at the Shire House Suite, and will be something special to celebrate this landmark achievement.

Held over two days, 19th & 20th November, the conference will incude a Rally for a Cornish Assembly, an evening social event with live music and entertainment, presentations and displays from Cornish political and cultural groups, guest speakers (including Kenneth Gibson SMP), and breakout training sessions - as well as the usual elections and party policy debates!

For those MK members who may be wondering how to fit all of this in - the answer is to take advantage of a stay in a local hotel in order to reduce travelling time and costs, and to increase further the networking opportunities that the weekend offers.

Non-members will be welcome to come and join in with the event - especially the Rally, which is to be held on Saturday afternoon.

I am co-ordinating the planning and organisation of the conference and more details on costs and tickets will be available soon.

If you would like to book a hotel for Saturday 19th November, please get in touch with me very soon as I am able to reccommend rooms for £14.50 per person (based on two people sharing) - but this offer won't last long.

Thursday 16 June 2011

St Piran's Oratory Awarded Grant

St Piran's Oratory has been awarded grants to complete surveys which will allow the formulation of a plan to uncover the oratory to be excavated and viewed by the public.

Good news!

Sunday 5 June 2011

Silk Ties

Following on from the whole (not really) credit card fiasco at Lys Kernow, I just wanted to make a point that doesn't seem to have been raised.

For example - the silk ties thing.

My question is - why is someone 'tying' up their time ordering and admistering the purchase and then distribution of and collection of money for silk ties for councillors? No wonder we need cabinet support members - it's to deal with rubbish like this!

I had this discussion with a customer at my shop. He thought (as a Tory) that the ties would create a good image and that councillors representing Cornwall should present a good image.

Maybe this is a good point but then it should be policy to distribute ties free of charge to councillors and then isist that they are worn in certain circumstances. If the people of Cornwall thought this was a good idea then they would be supportive - but I can't see it myself.

As it is 100 ties have been ordered for 88 male councillors - there is no need for any councillor to buy one so how does this achieve a uniform, smart appearance for Cornwall Council?

There are probably many more examples of silly schemes like this that are taking up time and effort which should be being spent on solving the real problems that Cornwall faces.

Saturday 4 June 2011

The Triple Treacle Spaceman

More from Lawrence Molton :

Greetings again, glad you're sticking with me through this treacle trip to June 16th.

Let's introduce the amazing, multi-functional, shape-shifting, time-travelling TRIPLE TREACLE SPACEMAN.

A gentleman who already has a seat on Illogan Parish Council AND the seat for Illogan on Cornwall Council. The CONSERVATIVE candidate, chosen to patronise the people of Camborne.

With its usual obscene CONCEIT, the much-presuming, all-assuming party of the Westminster regime insults Cornwall again by judging us too thick to do sums and too benighted to see the approaching conflict of interests between Camborne South and Illogan.

Illogan and Camborne are generally good neighbours and have many shared needs. BOTH regard ANY share of innapropriate building developments as an unfair share.

With Westminster masters dictating that inappropriate building be inflicted on the area, where can a multi-seat Tory councillor's loyalty be placed. In Illogan's two seats or Camborne's one seat? Or in a TORY H.Q. in Westminster?

Let's not begrudge the £12,000 pa from Cornwall Council. A properly functioningCornwall Councillor puts 40 plus hours per week into the job - so the pay is approximate to the National Minimum Wage.

Parish and Town Councillors are not paid and find 10 - 20 hours per week sufficient for the task.

Are we expected not to notice that the Tory candidate is already occupied for up to 60 hours per week? We are expected not to ask what CAN he do for Camborne South with so little time and energy available.

Perhaps it's not surprising that the party of the right so cruelly over-burdens and exploits its lower-ranking servants.

The people of Camborne are too humane and civilised to join in such cruelty, I'm sure.

Thanks for the visit. Hope you can look in next time. We'll be looking to the LEFT where there's a disgraced minority-interest group trying to be a nuisance.

Keep Camborne FIRST in Cornwall.
Vote MK on polling day.


Thursday 2 June 2011

Free Treacle Tree

Latest in from Lawrence Molton - guest blogger :

A vote for me won't set you ...................................... FREE
Nor can it win you a .......................................... TREACLE TREE
A treacle tree - well, it just don't be
Though if it did, it wouldn't be free

(There would be a tax on it if nothing else!)

In many colours - red blue and green
TREACLE PROMISES now can be seen
That's red to dread, and blue obscene
Though dare we trample on righteous green?

(Can't there be attacks upon it? That's something else!)

So which TREACLE flavour first to savour?
Let's try a dollop of post- New Labour!

The ARROGANCE of these LOMBARDS' WOMBARDS of the disgraced previous regime. Now telling us of THEIR plans to defeat Government cuts. Though their BANKING BEGUILEMENT and BUDGET BUNGLING mined the base materials from which the EXCUSES for the JEDWARDMENT'S cuts were fabricated.

June 16th - Con-Demmed again?
or condemned again? (in red treacle)

Use your right - vote black and white

Thanks for looking in. SWEET to be with you. Glad you could STICK around.

Tomorrow's theme: "The Triple Treacle Spaceman" - Does he exist? Can he exist?

Cheers Lawrence

Wednesday 1 June 2011

Introducing ......... Lawrence Molton

I have invited Lawrence Molton to supply a few blog posts for me.

Lawrence is the Mebyon Kernow candidate in the Camborne South Town Council by-election. He has some strongly held views and opinions and cares passionately about Cornwall.

In this first post Lawrence (in his own inimitable style) provides a bit of humour and sets the scene for his series of guest blogs.

He has chosen to update the Buddy Holly classic - 'Not Fade Away' and give it a Camborne South by-election twist .................

Electioneering campaign songs:
Some are morose;
Some are verbose;
Here's our song -
For those that are close!

I'd like to tell you how it oughta be
You should cast your vote for me
Vote MK on polling day
and make those Tories fade away

Your cross in the box must be real
So we can make New-Labour squeal
From the Greens we're under attck
Vote MK and drive 'em back

Vote MK on polling day
For ever Camborne, not fade away

With apologies to the late Mr Holly of Lubbock, Texas, The Stolen Roans, The Graceful Dread and everyone else who recorded Not Fade Away.

.... and we don't need to get TANGLED UP IN BLUE

Stay tuned to this blog - talk to you again soon,


More information on Lawrence's campaign