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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Illogan Adopts a Cornish Language Policy

Last evening I was very proud and pleased  that Illogan Parish Council voted in favour of my proposal to adopt a Cornish Language Policy.

This means that the council will now consider using the Cornish language whenever appropriate.

We will begin to see more Cornish language on official documents and council signage. As signs are introduced or need to be replaced they will be bilingual.

I am pleased that Illogan is a  forward looking parish. More and more councils across Cornwall are adopting Cornish Language policies and Cornish is definitely a language of the future.


  1. Nowodhow splann yw henna!


  2. Meur ras Tasgwynn. My a wra predery may, ynweth.

  3. You're doing great job. It's really awesome there are people who are really dedicated to preserving the languages of the past. Keep going and good luck in the revieval of Cornish! Greets from Poland

  4. Thank you Yongle. Cornish is a language of the present and future as well as the past :-)


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