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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Demonstration against WCAs - Truro, 1st April

I will be attending the demonstration against WCAs in Truro on Tuesday 1st April.

The demonstration will assemble at Lemon Quay around 12:15pm and then set off to High Cross at 12:30pm.

Anyone who believes that deciding the quality of someone's life should not revolve around a paperwork exercise is welcome to attend.

This demonstration is part of a national day of action across the UK. The success of previous demonstrations has led ATOS to indicate their desire to renege on their contract to perform WCAs and today the government has been forced to accept this.

I have been invited to address the demonstration at High Cross and I look forward to seeing many friends there.


  1. Admirable sentiments indeed, but may I suggest that as a leading member of a pro-Cornish party you should take a little more care in future over your terminology? Do you not think that the phrase ''..to welch on their contract...'' is highly insulting to our Celtic cousins?

  2. Do you think that the phrase '...welch on their contract...' is a really acceptable choice of language for an MK councillor to use?

  3. Hello anonymous.
    Well you learn something every day. Thank you for bringing to my attention that the term 'welch' may be considered derogatory to the Welsh people. I never relized that and believed it simply an alternative word to renege. I have edited the post accordingly and unreservedly apologise if I have inadvertantly caused any offence.

  4. Thank you for your swift edit, just goes to show how easy it is for even educated people to commit a faux pas - fortunately it occurred here, rather than at Plaid's conference!
    That said, excellent blog, keep up the good work.


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