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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Lots of Opposition But No Sensible Alternative

Cornish Lib Dems bluster while Nick and Dave dictate their policy
The Lib Dems are at it again. This time the subject is Council Housing. The Tories and Tory Lites (Independents) are in favour of following the dictat, handed down from Westminster, that we must sell what little council housing stock remains in Cornwall.

As usual this Westminster dictat is a Lib Dem Nick Clegg backed dictat and as usual the Lib dems in Cornwall argue against it.

While they might be correct to argue against their own policy of selling council housing they have no real alternative.

MK is the only party that has a housing policy that is tailored to Cornwall and the needs of the people of Cornwall.

While the Cornish Lib Dems use hollow arguments merely to be seen to be opposing the Tories, we back up the argumet with real policy.

MK believes that not only should we prevent the further reduction of council housing stock but we should be actively planning to increase it.

We need to build houses that don't need to generate profit. We need to get beyond the belief that the only way to achieve housing for local needs is to allow developers to build houses for people from anywhere but Cornwall.

We need strong leadership that is not afraid to put Cornwall first rather than simply enforcing a London solution to a London problem here in Cornwall.

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