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Friday, 21 September 2012

Thoroughly Modern MK

I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate and say thank you to the MK team working on our website and social media. This year has seen a massive increase in MK's presence on the internet through our brand new web site and social media accounts. This time last year we had a web site that didn't work and very limited exposure on Facebook and Twitter. Now we have a cohesive team ready to swing into action to get MK's message and principles accross on a real time basis. MK are not just responding to the political news in Cornwall but are making it!

Since our 60th anniversary conference our brand new website has gone live with many features such as policy, people and news features. There are more pages and features on the way which will further enhance the Mebyon Kernow internet offering. Niall Curry is the MK webmaster and his, purely voluntary work, is setting a professional standard and providing MK with a technically excellent and user friendly public interface.

Rob Simmons is responsible for enthusiastic and energetic social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. From a standing start, Rob has developed Facebook page views nubering in the thousands every week and the MK Twitter account is accesible by over 14,000 other Twitter accounts. It is Rob's open, friendly and welcoming style that has generated these impressive statistics and Rob is a tremendous ambassador for MK.

The anchorman of our IT communications team is MK Deputy Leader Peter Dudley. Pete works tirelessly behind the scenes to develop Mebyon Kernow professionalism and is responsible for dragging us, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century. Acting as the linchpin of the team, Pete is the conduit through which ideas flow from the MK leadership team and NEC out to the coal face and back again. He is the very model of patience and calm when others are getting frustrated. His excellent communication skills and the ability to give recognition for a job well done provide the oil for the party machinery.

Many thanks to the IT communications team and to all those members and supporters that are helping to spread the work that is being done online.

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