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Thursday, 31 January 2013

A Week of Hypocrisy

What a lot of hypocritical nonsense we have had to suffer during the last week!

First up Eric Pickles and his Westminster cronies cut council tax benefit and try to scam us by passing on the responsibility for that cut to local authorities. When local authorities decide to increase their tax base instead, Mr Pickles claims an abuse of democracy because the councils keep the increase below the amount required to trigger a referendum. The loss of council tax benefit is down to you Mr Pickles and we don't see you calling for a referendum on George Osbourne's budgets.

Westminster Tories - hypocrites!

Next up we have:

"Nigel Farage's UK Independence party has told its MEPs not to oppose a package that would fund some of Europe's most extreme parties. The Alliance of European National Movements, a grouping of far-right MEPs, is looking to get £340,000 from the European commission, with a similar amount for a possible thinktank. The alliance includes Nick Griffin's British National party, Hungary's neo-fascist Jobbik party, Bulgaria's far-right National Democratic party and the Front National in France."

From http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2013/jan/27/ukip-far-right

So it seems that not all European spending is a bad thing where UKIP are concerned and actually our money is well spent on promoting far right organisations.

UKIP - hypocrites!

And then we had the spectacle of the Lib Dems trashing the Tory reform of constituencies and the number of MPs which would have resulted in a 'Devonwall' constituency. The thing is, all of the Cornish Lib Dem  MPs have previously trudged through the lobby in support of Devonwall. It's only because Nick Clegg, in his London office, feels a bit peeved that the Tories haven't supported the Lib Dem attempt to reform the House of Lords that Cornish MPs have been instructed to vote against Cameron and the Conservatives. I'm sorry Cornish Lib Dems, you voted against the Bill because of a coalition tantrum, not because you care about preserving Cornwall's historic border.

Cornish Lib Dems - hypocrites!

Meanwhile Alec Robertson (the wannabe comeback kid) has started a petition to reserve the role of councillors in Cornwall for those that are well off or retired. His 'family and friends' petition calls on Cornwall Council to rethink it's decision to increase councillors' allowances by less than the independent reccommendation. As you can read here Cllr Robertson has profited from his time at Cornwall Council to the tune of over £123,000. never mind greedy councillors, more like a greedy and hypocrtical ex-leader.

Alec Robertson - Tory (though which particular Cornish denomination thereof is unclear) - hypocrite!

Cornwall needs politicians to put Cornwall first. Mebyon Kernow councillors do this time after time. We have no masters to serve in Westminster and we don't put party, career or personal bank balance ahead of what is right for Cornwall.

Back your local MK candidate in May and leave the westminster hypocrites in the cold.

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