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Friday, 9 August 2013

Mebyon Kernow - Cornish Assembly Policy (update)

I have had quite a few responses to the members consultation paper.

There seems to be a consensus around most of the main points with some different ideas coming forward in a small number of areas.

The first stage consultation ends in September when a draft policy will be produced for further consultation.

The plan is to produce a final draft for our conference which will incorporate various options for members to debate on the day. The debates will be around the few areas where there have been substantially differing views expressed.

If you are a member of MK and want to have a say in your party's policies then get in touch before the end of the consultation period. We are a party of democracy. We don't employ 'thinktanks' or expensive consultants to create populist policy which has electability as its main priority rather than political principle.

This newly configured policy will be the first step in a codification of our policies and principles for use by our branches and individual candidates.

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