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Sunday, 2 February 2014

An Evening of Cornish Artistry

I enjoyed a superb night out last night at Charlies Bar in Redruth.

Great company, an atmospheric venue and an exciting line up.

It was brilliant to watch Reece Whetter perform his solo set - a rising Cornish star.

Tredanek were outstanding. With real passion, skill and musical expertise they wove complex rhythms and melodies that took me on a journey through Cornish culture.

The finale bought us all bang up to date when Hanterhir took to the stage. If you want to see how the past present and future can blend into one then go and watch Hanterhir. A firm base in Cornish, Celtic folk - but with a contemporary twist - excellent.

Thank you to the performers and thank you to the friends that made the night a huge success.

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