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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Jude Robinson - Queen of Empathy (part 2)

Jude Robinson, the Queen of Empathy, has struck again.

Perfectly demonstrating her lack of understanding of Cornish identity (and her selective amnesia on the subject) she voted with Tories at Lys Kernow in an attempt to further cement 'Devonwall Creep'

Just a year ago, Jude was extolling the value of Cornwall's proud heritage and historic national border and censuring MPs who "betray their contempt for local concerns" . Her amnesia (or is it her total lack of understanding of Cornish concerns) leads her to different conclusions this year.

The tone and content of her blog demonstrates her total contempt for any suggestion of Cornwall exerting her national identity and a lack of understanding of the evils of a creeping Devonwall. Clearly her posturing during the Keep Cornwall Whole campaign was just that. A blatant piece of party politics which she denounces so readily when it suits.

It seems, however, that Jude isn't just rude to me but also to any Cornish nationalist who might challenge her stance on Cornish issues.

For someone, who is often heard complaining about the uncouth and patronising treatment that she receives from political critics, it would seem that she is easily able to hold her own on this score.

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  1. I am happy to confirm that Jude Robinson is as rude in the flesh as she is on Twitter. I was in an unconnected meeting in Exeter with a member of the Labour Party, and Jude arrived to meet them as our meeting was breaking up. Naturally, my friend introduced us. Her surliness, derision and general uncouthness when she learnt I was an MK member had to be seen to be believed.


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