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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Wow! I'm number 53

The Total Politics blog awards have begun to be announced.

I am absolutely amazed and thrilled that anyone at all would take the time and effort to vote for this blog - but it would appear that enough of you have to make me a new entry in the Top 75 Left Wing Blogs (in at number 53). Mur ras to everyone who voted for me, I really do appreciate it.

Congratulations also to:

Cllr Dick Cole - http://mebyonkernow.blogspot.com
Cornish Zetetics - http://cornishzetetics.blogspot.comLinkRob Simmons - http://robscornishblog.blogspot.com
Simon Reed - http://theinsaneramblingsofavillageidiot.com

All doing their best to put Cornwall on the map and all appearing in the Top 75.

I wouls also like to thank all of those people who have taken the time to Tweet, email and Facebook congratulations.


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