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Saturday, 23 February 2013

What a difference 4 years and an election make!


Go back 4 years or so and, according to Gideon Osborne, the UK's AAA rating is a crucial measure by which any chancellor should be judged. Of course any self-respecting chancellor who presided over the UK losing that precious status symbol would quickly resign - unless he's a Tory hypocrite of course.

Meanwhile, here in Cornwall, it seems the Tory hypocrites are quick to follow their masters in Westminster.

In 2009 Chris Ridgers thought:

"The cost of insuring UK debt is rising and if the rating agencies move us below 'AAA' then the cost of Government borrowing will rise and the pound will plunge.

Nobody has a magic answer. Only the Conservatives are willing to tell the public that we are in a mess. The only way out will be painful."

In 2013 Chris Ridgers thinks:

"Three unimportant matters: who wins Eastleigh By-Election; UK losing AAA and who wins Oscars."

Of course Cllr Ridgers has something of a reputation for hypocrisy. As late as August 2013 (when he was still Cornwall Council's portfolio holder for the economy) he was saying:

"Councillors are going to have to understand that one of their objectives is an increase in population."

Whereas, now, Cllr Ridgers seems to be a bit more of a NIMBY when it comes to his own backyard. Indeed he suddenly seems concerned about population growth. When it comes to his own locality Chris is rather loathe to have the population growth that he once advocated it was a councillor's duty to encourage:

"This represents all the growth for Mabe as a parish for the next 20 years"

Let's hope that Cornish voters remember where Cllr Ridgers loyalties really lie in May.

(Updated 24/2/13)

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