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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Will George Eustice Back Green Energy?

The coalition's Energy Bill will soon be debated.

Tim Yeo has tabled an amendment aimed at reducing carbon produced from electricity generation.

The problem is that George Osborne is more keen on looking to increase reliance on gas for power geneartion.

Although the right wing organisations such as UKIP and many Tories will insist that green energy will increase our energy bills in the short term, it seems clear that long term stability and reduction in energy bills depends on investment in new green technology.

The pressure group 38 degrees has taken out an ad in tomorrow's West Briton calling on George Eustice to support Tim Yeo's amendment.

Will George look to secure the stability and long term reduction in our energy bills or just take the short term populist neo-liberal stance?

You can email George Eustice and let him know what you think here:



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  1. Worth noting that when I wrote to Vince Cable about the lack of action on Wave Hub, I also included George Eustice among others in the email, no reply whatsoever....


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