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Friday, 10 May 2013

Comprehensive Cornish Assembly Policy Review

After the hectic Unitary election campaign in April you might have thought that there would have been a month or two for Mebyon Kernow members to relax – no chance!

We are starting work on reviewing the party’s ‘Legislative Cornish Assembly Policy’ and we want members' input.

It is intended that the policy that emerges from the review will be the most detailed and comprehensive policy that we have ever produced on this subject and will provide a document that will allow our councillors, candidate and activists to answer the questions that are frequently asked about the feasibility of a Cornish Assembly on the doorstep and in the press room.

The first stage of the policy review, a members’ consultation, is now beginning and will last until September 30th 2013. We need to know what areas members think should be included in the policy and any ideas or suggestions that you may have. Your input will then form part of the data and research that the policy team will consider as they create a first draft of the policy. There will be a further chance for members to provide input once that draft has been completed.

If you would like to be involved in the policy making process then contact me and I will email a pdf of the consultation document to you. It is also hoped that a new members' forum at mebyonkernow.org will soon provide a useful vehicle for discussions.

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  1. Perhaps its time to let bygones be bygones and relaunch the cross party Cornish Constitutional convention. With now more MK councillors plus a Green and a strong showing for the Independents and LibDems maybe the time is right especially when you consider the fallout from Scottish affairs. Now more than ever an answer to the 'English question' is being sought so now more than ever we need a unified and strong voice for the Cornish question.


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