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Saturday, 30 November 2013

More Westminster Party Hypocrisy

On Twitter we have Tories and Lib Dems arguing about housing numbers for Cornwall and who is responsible for the proliferation of second homes.

The answer is clear - Westminster politicians of all colours!

While Labour are quite open about their plans to concrete over Cornwall, the Tories and Lib Dems offer us 'presumptuon in favour of growth' while mounting NIMBY campaigns in their individual divisions.

The only party with a clear policy on new housing based on local need is Mebyon Kernow. We are demanding a law making Cornish Assembly which would put us in charge of our own planning laws and we have a policy that puts building homes for local need ahead of building houses to 'stimulate the economy' and create headline 'success' stories.

We need jobs more than houses.

On a wide range of issues Cornwall's politicians support their Westminster head office and then try and persuade us that they are working to mitigate the effects of Westminster's lack of knowledge and understanding of Cornwall.

Dick Cole was right - if  your local Westminster politician really wanted to do what was right for Cornwall they would say no to their London bosses and stand up for Cornwall - resign from the party and make the point.

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