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Friday, 22 November 2013

We don't have people with the skills to run a national government!

In this blog, forming part of a series of law-making Cornish Assembly entries, I would like to look at whether the people of Cornwall need to rely on experts in Westminster to run their lives.

The favourite mantra of Westminster unionist politicians is "Too poor, too small, too stupid". This can be disguised in many ways or just simply put out in a completely overt manner. When it comes to 'too stupid' it is usually fairly subliminal types of propaganda that are used. Perhaps, they don't want to provoke people to reacting against the message that they aren't capable of fending for themselves - just let it wash over and sink in. If you tell a lie often enough it is soon believed as a truth.

On my Facebook page a doughty Cornish patriot has written:

           "Can't is a favourite Anglophile word that is used extensively to subdue the Cornish"

I'm sure that this applies more widely than simply to Cornish folk and politics - and is probably more a reflection of what the establishment do in general everywhere. Certainly though, this is never truer than when political, administrative and establishment body job vacancies are filled.

Time after time Cornwall looks upcountry to recruit people for the top jobs. We are told that there aren't the people in Cornwall who are capable of doing the job. Cornwall can't do it.

There is sometimes talk of conspiracy theories - and how handing out the jobs of leadership, power and influence to non-Cornish folk is part of the plot by the English Imperial State to keep the natives subdued. This kind of thinking usually results in cognitive dissonance for most people who can't bring themselves to think in terms of their government behaving in this manner. Yet we are constantly reminded that many things go on behind closed doors down the dark back passages of the corridors of power. Only last night I saw a documentary which revealed a systematic British army policy of shoot to kill during the Northern Ireland troubles. There were probably a few people in Northern Ireland who aren't too surprised but I bet many in South East England still don't believe that such a thing could be done in their name and that the producers of the documentary probably had some sort of axe to grind - cognitive dissonance.

Whatever your view on conspiracy theories - I can't for one moment believe that there are not people in Cornwall who are capable of holding down positions of leadership and authority and doing a good job to boot. Cornwall has produced people like Trevithick, Davy, Bickford, Tangye and the list goes on and on - probably the greatest innovators and engineers of all time - people who have actually got things done rather than let off a lot of hot air and ended up exactly where they started or worse. Don't tell me that there is no-one capable of the innovative leadership that we need in Cornwall to begin to get the economy and society moving again.

To look at the thing in a negative way - how can we have people that are worse than Cameron, Clegg, Milliband and Farage? If we have no better people, we certainly don't have any worse!

How can someone sitting in an office 300 miles away know better than someone who lives, works and plays in Cornwall?

Cornwall can provide the people needed to make a national government a success - we just have to find them and convince them that it's a job worth doing.

.... and stop saying can't!

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