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Saturday, 9 May 2015

A Fresh Start

Now that the general election is done Mebyon Kernow will be taking a long hard look at itself.

While the Lib Dems and the  Labour Party are clearly falling apart, and support for UKIP will undoubtedly fall off now that the question of the UK's EU membership is about to be settled once and for all, MK has basically stood still.

It could be argued that the general election is an encouraging result for MK given the nightmare that some of the parties are facing. However, if MK is to develop further and become a significant electoral force, then we have to acknowledge that there is a lot of work to do. We need to expand into the vacuum that is being created by a general drift to the right and the populist, sheeplike determination of Labour and Lib Dems to follow this drift.

We face many challenges but we also have many strengths.

We need to build on our strengths and address the challenges.

Over the Summer I shall be conducting a wide ranging survey of public and MK members' opinions in order to glean objective data and positive suggestions in our quest to be an ever stronger voice for the people of Cornwall.

If you are an MK member you will be able to attend one of several consultation sessions to be held in key towns right across Cornwall. You can also go to the members' forum on the MK website to join in the discussion.

If you are not an MK member, but have positive suggestions, why not email me at starichardson@btinternet.com ?

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