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Sunday, 20 February 2011

I am a volunteer with the St Piran Trust.

St Piran’s day is the 5th of March and this year the St Piran Trust is responsible for producing the St Piran Play. This is the annual play staged on the sand dunes at Perranporth which attracts hundreds of ‘pilgrims’ who celebrate the life of St Piran. The play will be held on Sunday 6th March commencing at 2:00pm.

Over the years a tradition has grown that, at the start of the play, the members of the audience are each given a small bunch of daffodils. These flowers add a welcome splash of colour to the event and are often left at the granite Celtic Cross close to the Norman church which provides the backdrop to the final scenes of the play.

Unfortunately, due to the poor weather this year, our normal supplier is unable to donate the daffodils for the pilgrims.

Does anyone know of a local daffodil producer who might donate approx. 300 small bunches of daffodils so that we can keep this tradition going? Plese get in touch if anyone can help.

More information on the St Piran Trust is here .

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