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Monday, 24 March 2014

My visit to GeoScience Limited

I visited GeoScience Limited at their Falmouth office today for a briefing on the progress of the Uk’s first large-scale geothermal energy plant at United Downs. 

The companies involved in bringing this innovative technology to Cornwall are very optimistic that the requisite funding will be put in place over the next few months and that the plant will be able to start producing energy next year.

99.9% of the planet is above 100 C. Geothermal energy is virtually carbon emissions free, has a relatively small impact on the landscape and is not dependent on the vagaries of the weather. Cornwall’s granite spine and geology make it rich in minerals but also mean that it is ideal for geothermal energy extraction – one of the top locations in Britain.

Cornwall has an opportunity to make a mark in the UK, Europe and across the world. Our geology and landscape offer resources which can be used to benefit our economy in an environmentally friendly way. 

Renewable energy is just one of several niche industries in which Cornwall could become a leading player. Mebyon Kernow believes in strategic national Cornish government which would invest in the facilities and infrastructure that are required to develop the kind of industries that will create real jobs and improve our GVA.
I was fascinated by Geothermal Engineering Ltd’s plans and I am looking forward to visiting the plant once it is producing energy for Cornwall. In the meantime, we need to look at ways of developing infrastructure and technology such as a ‘smartgrid’ for Cornwall which would allow us to start making joined up plans for renewable energy production to meet our own needs and even for export.

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  1. Nice one Stephen, great to see you out an about-supporting the best in Cornish engineering and innovation- the best in the world.


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