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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Introducing ......... Lawrence Molton

I have invited Lawrence Molton to supply a few blog posts for me.

Lawrence is the Mebyon Kernow candidate in the Camborne South Town Council by-election. He has some strongly held views and opinions and cares passionately about Cornwall.

In this first post Lawrence (in his own inimitable style) provides a bit of humour and sets the scene for his series of guest blogs.

He has chosen to update the Buddy Holly classic - 'Not Fade Away' and give it a Camborne South by-election twist .................

Electioneering campaign songs:
Some are morose;
Some are verbose;
Here's our song -
For those that are close!

I'd like to tell you how it oughta be
You should cast your vote for me
Vote MK on polling day
and make those Tories fade away

Your cross in the box must be real
So we can make New-Labour squeal
From the Greens we're under attck
Vote MK and drive 'em back

Vote MK on polling day
For ever Camborne, not fade away

With apologies to the late Mr Holly of Lubbock, Texas, The Stolen Roans, The Graceful Dread and everyone else who recorded Not Fade Away.

.... and we don't need to get TANGLED UP IN BLUE

Stay tuned to this blog - talk to you again soon,


More information on Lawrence's campaign

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