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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Silk Ties

Following on from the whole (not really) credit card fiasco at Lys Kernow, I just wanted to make a point that doesn't seem to have been raised.

For example - the silk ties thing.

My question is - why is someone 'tying' up their time ordering and admistering the purchase and then distribution of and collection of money for silk ties for councillors? No wonder we need cabinet support members - it's to deal with rubbish like this!

I had this discussion with a customer at my shop. He thought (as a Tory) that the ties would create a good image and that councillors representing Cornwall should present a good image.

Maybe this is a good point but then it should be policy to distribute ties free of charge to councillors and then isist that they are worn in certain circumstances. If the people of Cornwall thought this was a good idea then they would be supportive - but I can't see it myself.

As it is 100 ties have been ordered for 88 male councillors - there is no need for any councillor to buy one so how does this achieve a uniform, smart appearance for Cornwall Council?

There are probably many more examples of silly schemes like this that are taking up time and effort which should be being spent on solving the real problems that Cornwall faces.


  1. Do you know how much the ties are costing and did Councillors place an order for one first or are they just being bought and then hopefully flogged on to the councillors?

  2. They were bought on spec and the Leader is doing a Del Boy Trotter impression turning up with a battered box of them at committee meetings and hoping to flog a couple. The trouble is that, even if he sells the whole lot, the council (and council tax payer) still makes a loss of £18 plus the officer time for organising the whole thing. And that's if he sells them all.


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