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Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Triple Treacle Spaceman

More from Lawrence Molton :

Greetings again, glad you're sticking with me through this treacle trip to June 16th.

Let's introduce the amazing, multi-functional, shape-shifting, time-travelling TRIPLE TREACLE SPACEMAN.

A gentleman who already has a seat on Illogan Parish Council AND the seat for Illogan on Cornwall Council. The CONSERVATIVE candidate, chosen to patronise the people of Camborne.

With its usual obscene CONCEIT, the much-presuming, all-assuming party of the Westminster regime insults Cornwall again by judging us too thick to do sums and too benighted to see the approaching conflict of interests between Camborne South and Illogan.

Illogan and Camborne are generally good neighbours and have many shared needs. BOTH regard ANY share of innapropriate building developments as an unfair share.

With Westminster masters dictating that inappropriate building be inflicted on the area, where can a multi-seat Tory councillor's loyalty be placed. In Illogan's two seats or Camborne's one seat? Or in a TORY H.Q. in Westminster?

Let's not begrudge the £12,000 pa from Cornwall Council. A properly functioningCornwall Councillor puts 40 plus hours per week into the job - so the pay is approximate to the National Minimum Wage.

Parish and Town Councillors are not paid and find 10 - 20 hours per week sufficient for the task.

Are we expected not to notice that the Tory candidate is already occupied for up to 60 hours per week? We are expected not to ask what CAN he do for Camborne South with so little time and energy available.

Perhaps it's not surprising that the party of the right so cruelly over-burdens and exploits its lower-ranking servants.

The people of Camborne are too humane and civilised to join in such cruelty, I'm sure.

Thanks for the visit. Hope you can look in next time. We'll be looking to the LEFT where there's a disgraced minority-interest group trying to be a nuisance.

Keep Camborne FIRST in Cornwall.
Vote MK on polling day.


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  1. Usual Tory lies Stephen , the enemy of common sense and morality. Keep it up mate , looking good from down here.


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