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Thursday, 21 July 2011

St Piran's Day Bank Holiday - A Question of Inspiration

Today, Cornwall Council's Corporate Resources Committee voted to put to the full council a suggestion that Cornwall reccommends to the Westminster Parliament that, we, in Cornwall, should be given the chance to celebrate St Piran's Day instead of the May Day Bank Holiday.

A fine suggestion which, if the ConDem coalition is serious about localism, it should seriously consider.

Over the last few years Cornwall has seen bigger and better St Piran Day celebrations springing up all over the country. As much as Steve Double might attempt to belittle the celebration of St Piran's Day it is fast becoming a widespread celebration of Cornwall's unique culture and difference, enjoyed by all of the people of Cornwall. As Edwina Hannaford says - it's all about us having the confidence to set our own agenda. I believe that we need political leaders who will not only set a Cornish Agenda, but also fight tooth and nail to achieve each and every item on it.

Cllr Double, quite rightly, states ... "it may score a few Brownie points, with some people, to be seen to be promoting this idea." However, Cllr Double, who says "there are few people who are more proud to be Cornish than I am" (apparently he has a tattoo to 'prove' this too) questions how it might work in practice.

In fact the Conservative and Unionist Councillor goes on to argue a case that any 'Dependency Theorist' could use in a prescribed text. His arguments centre almost wholly around how insurmountably inconvenient some administrative aspects of the suggestion would be.

He even goes on to reason that the idea would be bad for tourism (perish the thought). Cllr Double reckons that people in Plymouth would be working while we are celebrating so no-one would be available to join our celebrations and set the cash registers jingling. Maybe he doesn't realise that most people, these days, can take a holiday whenever they wish (providing they are fortunate enough to be working in the first place). There must be thousands of people who take time off work to visit Ireland and enjoy St Patrick's Day with the people of Ireland!

The truth is that, while Steve Double is right to criticise people like our ConDem MPs - who posture for the press about Cornwall's historic boundary, and then promptly vote for a Devonwall constituency - he doesn't realise that we need politicians that will always put Cornwall first. Cornwall has all the talent it needs to build a thriving economy and restore its vibrant communities - it just needs time and politicians who believe that it is possible for this to be achieved and who have the desire to get on with the job. If we had people who truly believed in Cornwall then Steve Double's admin theories would be recognised for the lame excuses that they are.

Perhaps Cllr Double believes that to argue too strongly for more Cornish autonomy and self-determination will do his political career no good - especially when his Unionist friends are currently running scared at the thought of Scottish independence?

If you would like to sign the Cornwall Council online petition to make St Piran's Day a Bank Holiday then visit: PETITION

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