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Sunday, 25 November 2012


On Saturday, Mebyonkernow Kernow -The Party for Cornwal, set out its stall for and asked the People of Cornwall to help them to put Cornwall first.

The theme of the early part of the conference revolved around MK being forward looking and embracing modern technology. We believe that we have blazed a trail by being the first political party to use Skype during an active part of  a national conference.

One of the Cornish diaspora from South Australia, Christopher Dunkerley, posted his apologies for not being able to attend in person and sent the conference a message of encouragement and support from down under via a live video link.

Congratulations to our IT team for making this happen and for the coverage of the conference highlights, as they happened, on Twitter.

Our embryonic manifesto for 2013 was reviewed by our members. Where the London based parties rely on cobbling together bits and pieces from their central offices 300 miles away, MK tailors a bespoke programme for Cornwall.

Following lunch, the international flavour continued with a speaker (this time live in the flesh) from Brittany. Sofia Nehr, a member of the youth branch of the UDB, brought a message of greetings and a proposal to MK for the two groups to work together on a problem shared by both our regions - the problems created by multiple property ownership.

Dick Cole delivered an inspirational keynote speech and there were also excellent speeches from Cllrs Dr Loveday Jenkin and Andrew Long which set out why MK offers a truly different choice to the drab, grey and tired offerings from Westminster.

I also managed to put aside my nerves to get through my first ever political speech.

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