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Monday, 4 March 2013

St Piran Play 2013

What a day!

A brand new St Piran Play was declared a great success by the pilgrims as the marched across the dunes. There was a new script with new scenes telling the story of St Piran. Skinners were there providing free refeshment for the pilgrims and, for St Piran, the latest innovation - a great outdoors sound system - made sure that everyone could enjoy the twists and turns in the comedy and tragedy as it unfolded. More than ever before, the players used the sand dunes to great effect. Natural ampitheatres and 'cliffs' were used to frame the dialogue to brilliant dramatic effect.

Yet the Cornish innovation and looking to a bright future was, as always, grounded in a foundation of the celebration of our distinctive Cornish culture. The holy places of St Piran were there.The traditional themes and the daffodils were there. And the people of Cornwall were there - I estimated around 500 this year. Not a bad figure when you think of the burgeoning number of St Piran events that are taking part along the full length of Cornwall this Pirantide!

I'm sure that Piran himself, looking down on us with a tankard of ale in hand, enjoyed our celebration of his life.

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