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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Double Edged Sword?

I am grateful to the Wessex Regioanilst blog for some indication of how the UK govt has suddenly been able to recognise the Cornish as a national minority when hitherto they had steadfastly refused to do this.

There has rightly been much celebration in Cornwall for a seeming victory in the long term campaign for recogonition under the FCPNM.

However, the UK govt seems to have come to the rather strange view that Cornwall is a Celtic part of England. Why not just say that Cornwall is a Celtic part of Britain or a Celtic part of the United Kingdom? One thing that Cornwall is not is a Celtic part of England. Celtic England is really a bit of an oxymoron surely?

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  1. Totally agreed, there's lots of Oxy MORONS in England and most of them are in the Houses of Parliament :P


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