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Monday, 12 May 2014

When I want your opinion I will tell you what it is!

The title of this blog is a put down that my wife often uses on me.

I was rminded of it - in reverse - reading the latest Lib Dem 'news' leaflet going around Illogan at the moment.

Apparently a local councillor, Terry Wilkins, has resigned due to claiming to having an MBE when he didn't and because he lied about earning a degree with the Open University.

As far as I am concerned this behaviour is clearly wrong - and I am quite prepared to say so.

However, our local Lib Dems aren't quite so sure. In fact they have no idea and, so it would seem, no moral compass either. In their leaflet they ask the piublic to contact them and let them know what to think about Mr Wilkins' behaviour.

No leadership there then - just a cynical attempt to guage public opinion before making any committment to a party stance.

Come on Lib Dems - use your literature to tell us what you think - what you believe in - what your core principles are.

Instead it's just: "When we want to have an opinion we will ask you what it is."

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