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Saturday, 24 May 2014

FXU Hustings Debate

Many thanks to Oli and Alex, the team leaders organising the FXU 'MP Grill' yesterday.

It was the first time that I had ever took part in anything like this so I was rather lacking in confidence and somewhat hesitant to start.

I learned a lot however and was beginning to relax and enjoy the experience by the end.

Unfortunately Sarah Newton was unable to attend, withdrawing with short notice. A busy MP.

It seems that sometimes it is hard to pin the shortcomings of the Westminster parties on to their local representatives. We appear to have local Westminster representatives who would often do things differently and make different personal choices on several issues if it was up to them.

If you stand as a candidate for a London based party shouldn't you take responsibility for the rough as well as the smooth. It seems that in Cornwall you don't have to. You can attempt to take credit for any popular, caring policies while blaming the unpopular on others or just saying 'Well of course I wouldn't choose to do that'.

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