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Friday, 23 January 2015

Wasted Vote!

We've all heard it haven't we?

A vote for Mebyon Kernow will let the Tories in. Only the Lib Dems can stop the Tories here.

If you vote MK then we might not get a Labour majority to stop the Tories.

On the face of it, if you don't like the idea of another Tory government (and let's face it you're in a big majority as 64% of voters did not vote for a Tory government in 2010), this sounds like a powerful argument. But is it?

I would say not - several reasons.

First of all, this type of rationale, if followed to an ultimate end would lead to a two party state - like in the USA. Ultimately we would end up with a choice of Labour or Tory because to stop one winning you would have to vote for the other. This is what has happenned for many years in the UK and it is one of the reasons that we generally have such low regard for politicians now. We have no real choice. We have to vote for one to stop the other - elections are polarised and in the end both parties end up with career politicians who are simply there to ride the gravy train while it's their turn - and to ensure that wealth and power are transferred, in ever increasing amounts, to the already wealthy and powerful.

Next - it's blatantly not true! Look at the 2010 election. Every Lib Dem leaflet was filled with -  'You have to vote with us or else you will get a Tory government.' ... and we all know how that worked out don't we?

Another thing - have you ever stopped to think just how many people are voting for party x in order to stop party y when actually they wanted to vote for party z because they liked their policies? The thing is whichever Westminster party you vote for to stop another Westminster party it won't work will it? Whichever Westminster party you vote for you will get a Westminster government. Your vote is cementing the centralisation of power to London and the South East of England.

If you vote for a smaller party in a positive way then what might happen? Well, ok the party you most dread might get an additional MP. But, let's face it, the Lib Dems are finished now as a major UK political force. They are no more likely to form the next UK government than Mebyon Kernow. They will have a handful of MPs come May and will have no say in how the UK is run. The SNP will have a more powerful voice at Westminster than the Lib Dems.

This means that if you vote for a Lib Dem and we elect Lib Dem MPs in Cornwall, Cornwall will have no inluence in government - period. Far better to send a strong message to Westminster that Cornwall is ready for greater autonomy and will demand a far greater voice in how we are governed.

If you vote for Mebyon kernow then you are sending this message to London. The only way to achieve real change in Cornwall is to make it abundantly clear that we say 'A plague on all your Westminster houses' - otherwise it's just Westminster business as usual for another five long years until the same old tired arguments are trotted out for the next general election.

What I am saying is - it really doesn't matter if you get a Tory MP instead of a Lib Dem. The effect will be the same anyway. In the meantime why not take the opportunity to send a positive Cornish message to Westminster?

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  1. There is a way that Mebyon Kernow candidates could be within a rainbow coalition of alternative parties ruling Westminster from Thursday 7 May 2015.

    And how to gain a win in your constituency as this ends all the idea of a wasted vote.

    See how at


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