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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Core Strategy Focus Groups

Hidden away on page 75 of this week's West Briton, I discovered a small piece on the Council's upcoming Focus Groups on the Core Strategy.

Apparently the Council would like to hold four discussions with a dozen people at each who normally don't have anything to do with planning.

There will be two groups at New County Hall on Wednesday 15th February and two groups held at the Camborne One Stop Shop on Friday 17th. On both days the groups will be held between 2pm and 4m and 5:30pm and 7:30pm.

I wonder if there will be alternative views presented at these focus groups or whether this will just be another manufactured opportunity for council planning officers to use their glossy presentations and gobbledygook jargon to bamboozle ordinary folk into believing that hyper-development is the only way forward for Cornwall?

I also wonder how much weight will be given to the outcome of these sessions - or might that depend on the results?

If you want to volunteer for a focus group, contact the council on 01872 224293 or at cornwalldf@cornwall.gov.uk by noon on the day before.

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