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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Cornish Lib Dem's Trip to the Sweetie Shop

Today the duplicitous, 'Pick & Mix' Cornish Lib Dems trooped into 'Honest Eric Pickles' Sweetie Shop' and ordered four ounces of council tax payment freeze.

For the next twelve months we will all be told by the Lib Dems how it was the Lib Dems that masterminded the freeze in Council Tax - never mentioning that the whole electoral bribery scheme is Tory Local Government Minister Eric Pickles' brain-child.

Only the Mebyon Kernow group, supported by the single Labour councillor and a few independents, opposed the scheme which is likely to cause great hardship next year, when Honest Eric has closed up shop and disappeared to a South American hideaway.

It will be interesting to see how the Pick & Mix party try to wriggle out of their responsibility for massive hikes in council tax, amounting to two year-on-year rises, while the people of Cornwall try to cope with further cuts in services caused by swingeing spending cuts imposed by the Lib Dems in Westminster.

It will be doubly interesting as the inflated council tax demands will be landing on door mats just as the Lib Dems commence their Unitary election campaigns. I wonder if they will still be claiming responsibility for their short sighted actions then?

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