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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Illogan - back to the Dark Ages (or at least a few years ago)

Illogan Parish Council have decided to ban tweeting and other real time social media reporting.

There was no apparent reason for the ban apart from a general dislike of the concept.

In my mind this is an entirely retrograde step for any government body that believes in modern and open communication with its electors.

MPs can tweet from Westminster and have only recently voted decisively against it being banned - despite claims that it would distract members from the matter in hand.

In reality I doubt if there is any highly charged audience waiting expectantly for real time updates from an Illogan Parish Council meeting. My concern is that we need to attract younger people into local politics and young people understand social media and banning its use is just further discouragement to getting them involved.

I reccomended that we should allow the use of Twitter etc, but on the basis that any Member did not break any of the myriad codes of conduct/protocols that councillors abide by through that use.

In the end I was the only one who voted against a ban.

Does anyone have a slate and chalk that I could borrow please?

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