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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

East/West Link Road - The Democratic Process By-passed?

The notorious Cornwall Council promoted 'East-West Link Road' received planning permission some time ago. Planning permissions were gained despite concerted local opposition, including consistent opposition from Camborne Town Council.

The project has now reached a technical stage where Compulsory Purchase Orders and Side Road Orders are being approved.

At the Camborne Town Council Planning meeting of 9th January 2012. The democratically elected councillors of Camborne Town Council resolved to write to the Secretary of State to state that they were unhappy with the Orders and to object to them. This decision of the Planning Committee was noted by the full Camborne Town Council on February 9th 2012.

As the concerns about the Orders came from a Town Council this has triggered the setting up of an Inquiry by the Secretary of State to listen to the concerns raised by CTC and properly to take account of those concerns.

So far so good you may think. This is the democratic process in action. This is a hint of the 'Localism' that we are promised by Cornwall Council and Westminster Tories.

However, it seems that, as often happens, the establishment is less than happy at this exercise of local democratic accountability.

Peter Swain, the Highways Project Manager of the Environment, Planning and Economy Directorate of the Transport Service of Cornwall Council, has sent an email to Camborne Town Council asking that they withdraw their objections to the Orders.

Although Mr Swain openly admits that he is unaware of the consistent objections to the East West road (which raises doubts as to just how much notice the powers that be take of the 'public consultations') from CTC he believes that:

'Clearly, with Cornwall Council promoting a scheme in front of an inspector, it would be unfortunate to have another elected council objecting to the orders'

The question is - unfortunate for who? I would imagine not too unfortunate for the people who object to this scheme to facilitate the building of hundreds of houses. Nor is it unfortunate that the local people's representatives are actually able to have a say in this stage of the process.

Perhaps it might be a bit embarassing for Cornwall Council?

It might also be embarassing for local MP, George Eustice, who is on record as backing this scheme.

In fact the embarassment factor has led to pressure being put on Camborne Town Councillors to withdraw their objections to the Orders.

In particular Cornwall Councillors who are also Members of CTC have been asked for advice and assistance in identifying a way for CTC to withdraw its objections.

If you believe that Camborne Town Council should stick to its guns and continue its objections to the Orders then go along to:


Public participation is allowed and encouraged so go along and let your elected representatives know what you think - don't forget there is an election coming up soon.

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  1. Well we have a result 8=7 Camborne Town sticks to its guns


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