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Sunday, 25 March 2012


At the Plaid Cymru Spring Confernce, over the last two days, the over-arching element, infusing every speech, presentation, question and answer session and fringe meeting was a burgeoning sense of Welsh self-confidence. With inexorable momentum, the realisation that anything and everything is possible is driving Plaid Cymru forward to independence for Wales.

The United Kingdom, as an institution, is dead in the water. Westminster Unionist politicians are straining to hold on to the remnants of an hegemony, an ideology, based on expolitation.

The lie that the status quo must be maintained in order to preserve levels of poverty - lest they become even worse - has been revealed forever as the chain which binds the distinct nations of Britain to the provision of wealth and prosperity for a greedy and ruthless elite. That chain is now being broken, link by immoral link.

As the bastions of deceit begin to crack, crumble and fall down, a new political landscape is beginning to emerge.

How will that landscape be moulded?

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