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Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Stadium - Let's Get a Grip!

For many months now I have been advocating that the only way forward for a Stadium for Cornwall is to have a referendum and ask the people of Cornwall what they want to happen. The fuss and controversy over the past week or two just makes me believe that this is even more important now.

A stadium for Cornwall is more about Cornish aspiration than a money-making venture. As I have said before, if there was a real business opportunity for the stadium to be even reasonably profitable then surely someone would have done it before now. For all the fancy business plans and assessments the simple fact is that, if the Eden Project is losing money with the visitor numbers that it commands, then how can you expect a stadium to to turn a profit.

We should ask the people what they want. If people want a stadium then let's get on and build it. Build it with public money and then work with sporting partners to showcase Cornish sport and events while keeping the running costs as low as possible.

If people don't want a stadium then let's move on. Draw a line under the idea and tell Cornwall Council bosses that we don't want to finance their CV enhancement.

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