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Monday, 21 November 2011

Mur Ras

I would like to take the opportunity to say a mur ras bras to everyone that pitched in and helped to make sure that the conference ran very smoothly over the two days. I was very much heartened to see everyone work together as a team to create a professional and inspirational event. A particular mention should be made of John Rowe who not only did a lot of work behind the scenes but facilitated the superb presentation from Matthew Clarke. I would also like to thank Pedyr Bennetto whose tireless work on the registration desk and Rhisiart Tal-E-Bot's catering skills meant that I was free to work with Peter Dudley to ensure that the 'big picture' was maintained in focus.

Paul Jenkin put together a great night's entertainment with Hanterhir, Kowethas and An Dysken. Thanks Paul.

I would also like to mention Stuart and Helene Cullimore who were there with the MK stall, raising money for our election campaigns. At least the Shire House Suite was an improvement on the muddy field on a saturday morning that they are used to :-).

Finally - thank you Dick Cole. Thank you for providing inspiration and a vision of a future Cornwall that is fit for purpose for of the people of Cornwall. Thank you for all your tireless efforts throughout the year (not just at conference time) and especially for providing the opportunity for us to listen to Jonathen Edwards and Kenneth Gibson. Our grass roots activists need more of that to encourage them and to show that we are not alone but part of a wider movement that believes that people who live in a place the best people to decide how they should live in that place.

It really was a team effort - a team that I am extremely proud to be a member of.

Let's take this forward and work on the challenge of getting greter electoral representation. A good place to start is with Loveday's campaign in Wendron. Just a few days to go so get in touch with her if you can help in any way.

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