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Monday, 21 November 2011

Two Golden Rules

At the risk of following in Gordon Brown's footsteps I would like to announce that I will be following two Golden Rules in my blogging future.

Both Golden Rules have been inspired by events and people at the MK conference!

Golden Rule 1

Positivity: inspired by Kenneth Gibson MSP.

I will only allow myself to whinge about Westminster politicians and policies if I can put forward a positive alternative.

Golden Rule 2

Relevance: inspired by Matthew Clarke's presentation.

I will only blog about events or items that are relevant to normal, everyday people.

If I have any regular followers out there in the blogosphere, please help me by leaving a comment, or 'Golden Rule Alert' if you think I have broken my Golden Rules.

Mur ras puponen :-)


  1. Not sure I will be able to stick to the no Whinging but might give it ago :P

  2. Ah ... but you can whinge to your heart's content ..... as long as you suggest a positive counter to the Westminster nonsense!


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