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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Just Believe

The last few days have seen a focus on Britain-wide nationalism following a crass attempt by David Cameon to dictate to the people of Scotland and to attempt to sieze control of the Scottish referendum on independence.

This devolution delerium has even reached that remote, outlying corner of Britain, Cornwall. The idea of Cornish autonomy, normally ignored (or reserved as a light-hearted '... and finally' type story) by the mainstream media is suddenly hitting the chat shows and editorial columns - albeit it is usually to be rubbished as nonsense by the ignorant presenter who seems to have been coached in pro-union rhetoric.

A recurring theme that seems habitually to be trotted out on these occasions is the old chestnut of 'How can Cornwall afford autonomy?'

We listen in great detail to how Cornwall is too poor, Cornwall is too small and Cornwall is too incapable. It would be impossible for the Duchy to be trusted with its own governance.

Often we are told that if Cornwall wants to run its own affairs then it should be cut off without a penny from the bosom of the Union, like a recalcitrant child. Or, alternatively, the commentator will pronounce, in sarcastic tones, that Cornwall wants autonomy but also wants Westminster to pick up the tab.

The truth is that Cornwall is not too small - there are several independent European countries with a similar population to Cornwall that function very effectively. Why shouldn't Cornwall function just as well with a devolved assembly? Why shouldn't Cornwall be able to govern itself and balance its own books?

To those who say that Cornwall would never make it without being bailed out by UK tax-payers I would say that we could hardly do a worse job than Westminster is doing right now! I believe that, given the opportunity, the people of Cornwall - who live here, work here and play here - would provide more than enough talent to out-perform the Westminster career politicians who have proved that they are incapable of regarding Cornwall as anything but the theme park of the UK.

There are interesting and exciting times ahead for Cornish nationalists - and there is a truly great opportunity for the people of Cornwall to gain control of their own destiny - just believe.

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  1. Cornwall doesn't get a lot from the UK, Cornwall contributes more to the UK than it receives.


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