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Sunday, 6 April 2014

First meeting for Illogan's Neighbourhood Development Plan

Illogan Parish Council has finally set Thursday 27th June as the first meeting for a Neighbourhood Development Plan advisory group.

If you are interested in how development takes place in Illogan over the next fifteen years then you might consider becoming part of the group. If the plan is to be successful then the key thing is to involve the whole of the community in Illogan parish.

We will have to ensure that our plan fits with the Cornwall Local Plan and the targets and policies that are dictated by London - however, the plan will represent an opportunity to limit encroachment on our green fields to a minimum. It will also allow us to set policies and create a vision of how a future parish of Ilogan might look and feel.

Please come along to the first meeting and help to set the agenda for how our plan will grow.

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