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Monday, 7 April 2014

Letter from Dave

I received my letter from Dave Cameron today.

It informed me about what a splendid job Dave is doing for my business in government and how I may qualify for £2,000 in reduced national insurance payments so can I please employ some more people.

What an affront!

Why are the taxes that I pay being used to send out blanket party political propaganda. There is no way that I will see any benefit from Dave's helping hand.

In fact my business is suffering because of Dave's mishandling of the economy. My customers are struggling to make ends meet and fish & chips are a bit of a luxury theses days.

Thanks Dave for making it more likely that my customers are now just as likely to visit a food bank as they do my shop. Thanks for increasing VAT and making it harder for me to compete with several other local shops. Thanks for making it necessary for me to reduce the number of staff that I can afford to employ.

I am working hard to retain my staff and keep a roof over my family's heads - despite your economic incompetence. So please don't use my money to tell me how good you are for my business.

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